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Virtual Medical Learning Tool Trains the Tech-Savviest Generation of Doctors

We are now seeing the tech-savviest generation of doctors enter the medical field.

The healthcare industry is changing. As tech-savvy Millennial and Gen X doctors begin to dominate the workforce, new technologies are being adopted at an increasingly fast pace. Electronic health records (EHRs) are now the norm for storing patient information. Virtual reality and simulations have come to be integrated into treatment procedures. Telemedicine has revolutionised the ways patients connect with doctors, allowing them to arrange consultations virtually and assess doctors through online ratings. Digital diagnostic tools allow doctors to examine patients with greater efficiency and thoroughness.

Technology has also transformed the way medicine is taught. Virtual tools are coming to supplement traditional learning methods such as textbooks, lectures, and clinical rotations. Artificial intelligence (AI) delivers promise through its ability to “learn” from experience, adjust to new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. In the case of education, AI tools are especially effective in providing personalised assessments of student input.

MEKSI is a revolutionary training tool that harnesses the advantages of AI to help doctors practice and refine their diagnostic skills through standardised learning. Traditionally, medical students would use a method called role play to achieve this goal. However, this method requires a trained supervisor and human actors, making it cumbersome and expensive to deliver. MEKSI creates virtual standardised patients (VSPs) to take the place of these human actors, with which students can interact like they would with humans.

VSPs mimic human standardised patients and converse in natural language. Students take histories and develop differential diagnoses of the VSPs as they would with actual patients. A comprehensive record of the student’s interaction with the VSP can be saved, and a personalised assessment is produced to benchmark the student’s skills.

With MEKSI, learning diagnostic skills is possible at any time and place, as long as one has a computer. There is no need to hire expensive actors, or to have a trained learning supervisor available.

As a bonus, MEKSI provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for students to practice their skills without the fear of being criticised for mistakes.

MEKSI’s commitment to patient safety began in 2016 with the granting of its first Australian Innovation Patent. In 2018, MEKSI received funding from Artesian Capital, and became an eligible ESIC (Early Stage Innovation Company), providing tax benefits to potential investors. Subscription packages will launch in the near future. Meanwhile, interested users can try a free case. MEKSI’s main office is located at 165 Ponds Boulevard, The Ponds, NSW 2769 (Phone: +61 2 9629 3732).

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