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MEKSI & MediSys
New South Wales, Australia

MEKSI Partners with Medisys Edutech India

Through a new content partnership, the AI-powered medical education tool MEKSI will be made available to all Medisys Edutech subscribers across India and Africa.

MEKSI, a medical education platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Assessment for Learning methodology to help doctors-in-training sharpen their clinical skills, has recently signed a content partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Medisys Edutech India.

Medisys Edutech India

MediSys EduTech is at the forefront of providing best-in-class digital educational aids for medical, dental, nursing, and allied health courses. Now, with MEKSI integrated for the benefit of subscribers, individual students can perfect their clinical skills by accessing AI-powered patient consults anytime, anywhere – from a personal device or in a library.

Through this partnership, all Medisys Edutech subscribers will gain free access to MEKSI’s AI-powered clinical roleplay platform. Clinical role play is a time-tested approach to practising diagnostic skills. It is highly effective, yet often cumbersome to practise, as it requires human actors to play the role of “standardised patients” for students to diagnose. MEKSI simplifies this method by taking it to the virtual realm, replacing human actors with Virtual Standardised Patients (VSPs) created using artificial intelligence. This, in turn, enables medical students to conveniently hone their skills anytime, anywhere. There are currently 380 Virtual Standardised Patient (VSP) profiles on the MEKSI learning platform, which will also become available to MediSys Edutech subscribers.

MediSys EduTech works with top-tier partners and educators to produce high-quality educational materials. This new partnership with MEKSI will extend the combined benefits of Medisys EduTech’s educational aids and MEKSI’s AI-powered learning system to medical students and faculty in more regions of the globe.

MEKSI’s commitment to patient safety began in 2016 with the granting of its first Australian Innovation Patent. In 2018, MEKSI received funding from Artesian Capital, and became an eligible ESIC (Early Stage Innovation Company), providing tax benefits to potential investors. Subscription packages will launch in the near future. Meanwhile, interested users can try a free case.

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